LOVE in strange places


Sometimes love can be found in the strangest of places. Like today. When P asked me what I would like for dinner, I had NO idea.

Firstly, let me just make one thing clear: I take care of all the laundry and if the apartment needs hoovering or if the bathroom needs a tidy up, I´m the first to grab the cleaning tools. However, P, P takes care of ALL the cooking. And I really mean ALL the cooking. If we have a cooked breakfast, he will be the one frying the eggs, making the toast and the tea, if we have lunch at home he will be throwing something fantastic together in no time at all, and he makes ALL the dinners. Yes. All the time. Everyday.

I´m a hazardous wreck in the kitchen. Just making juice - I´ve splattered half the kitchen in fruit. Cutting a breakfast bun - there is blood everywhere. You get the picture.

So, today when P asked what I would like for dinner, I had no idea.

After a bit of thinking: Pancakes? (Don´t ask me where that one came from...)
Yellow pea soup (ärtsoppa) & pancakes?

And you know what? I had a delicious soup followed by marvellous, home made pancakes served with blueberries, ecological strawberry jam and whipped cream just 30minutes ago.

P is the man in my life, the man of my dreams. And he still surprises me with how much love he can transfer through his cooking. I´m truly blessed.

Made from love...home made pancakes with berries, jam & whipped cream...



Helena said...

Mo...goose bumps!
So happy for you two! A bunch of hugs for you and your love..!

mojo said...

Thanks, Helena! :)

It´s kinda marvelous...

Hope all is well with you,

Love & Hugs