Ooops, I did it again...


That´s it! That´s really it! I did my last weekend job for 2008 today - teaching a heart rate training course at the new, beautiful fitness club SPIRO in Kungsbacka, and now, I´m OFF!

2008, thank you for playing - 2009, I´m waiting!

Well, we´re not leaving for Thailand until Thursday, but until then I won´t be over-taxing myself and that´s a promise!!!

So the rest of December in a nutshell:

* Holiday in Thailand 11-20 December
* Birthday party in the evening on December 20
* Christmas with both families (P´s & mine), December 24
* Getting married on December 25
* Celebrating 2yrs with P on December 31

WHOOOHA! Bring it on!



Anonymous said...

MO: Thanks for great inspiration during this year. Have a great vacation and congrats for the wedding already now!!!

Looking forward to more inspiration in the next year!

Peace & Love


Anonymous said...

Wow, det är ett slut på året som heter duga!! Njuuut! Kram Malin G.

Cizzi said...

Vad härligt! Vilken avslutning på året du har att se fram emot =)

mojo said...

THANKS so much, Maja, I wish you all the best for the new year!

Malin, can´t wait to see you on the 20th - it´s been too loooong now!

Cizzi, looking forward to seeing you in that first row at NIKE!

Lots of love

Helena said...

Have a GREAT vacation Mo - you´re SO worth it!
See you in Jan...let´s lift som Russian cast irons..! ;)

mojo said...

Really look forward to seeing you at NIKE!

Eat your vitamins and stay healthy now, girlfriend!