Nor Before or After

U know those soft gentle days in-between!
Enjoying, relaxing, spending time, taking time, letting it bee…
I like it.
I admit, it takes me some time to slow down but once I do I am cooler then a koala bear.
Yesterday I spent ALL day, and I mean it ALL day making a JIGSAW PUZZLE! It was like meditating (angry and disturbed when you couldn’t find the matching piece and so fulfilling when you did : )
Seen about 6 movies or soo…
Sleeping until 10, 12ish and hanging around in my pj’s
Opened my computer for the first time in a couple of days and WOW MO is a hottie!
Love to you my precious!

Haven’t decided when to start speeding up quiet yet… no rush really!

I’ll keep on lovin the MOMENT for a few more moments !!!


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