To GIVE or Not to GIVE?!

This term is coming to and end, and it seems as though my body knows it and starts to "let go". I woke up with a massive COLD :( and teaching yoga at 7am didn't help...

Well, well, it is ok! I said that I would crash into the finish line this year. And I kinda like it. (Reminds me of the adrenaline rush i got when I was 10 and worked al night long to finish the paper on "CHINA" 30 pages of massvie writhing with pics of course, hahah, those were the days. Remember my back hurt all week long after sitting on the floor writing for hours!)

What also gives me great ENERGY is all the "Christmas goodies" from collegues, participants, partners!
Got wicked homebaked cakes, yummey :) Movie tickets, cards, cups, praise and some are stil wraped :)

What I don't like are gifts where the company only promotes themselves by giving you a tacky keyring, calender, blanket, cup with ther LOGO! Thats a NO NO!

I would much rather get this:

This year we have contributed money to

I must admit that I rock my own company :) I work with the BEST people, companys ever!
Thank you for a GREAT year!


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