The round of 2008 is coming to an end

Exactly one year ago I was in India, Kerala.

Starting the day with 1-hour meditation on the beach in the sunset followed by a 3! Hour yoga practice surrounded by palm trees, talking parrots, elephants and warm rays from our favorite star. I was in the company of some of my favorite people, N, the ever-rocking Povel, my PRANA Guru Shiva Rea and exquisite yogis from all over the world. There was wining and dining and traditional Indian dancers, singers and magicians.

The Indian DJ spinned records as if there was no tomorrow as we danced under the stars. Still there was something missing… There was something in my soul that called for my attention. Today I know what it was and once more I have learned the significance of trusting that inner voice.

Once I realized this I could let it go and enjoy the moment since there was nothing I could do at that time, in India, on the beach.

And there they were: ABBA!!!! For some reason the Indian DJ decided that the first song of 2008 shall be: DANCING QUEEN ☺

The 3 Swedes took over the dance floor and welcomed the New Year with fabulous moves never seen by the human eye before ☺

Who knows what song 2009 and will bring. I am now in the RIGHT place at the right time, I can feel it in my soul. This is a good place to take a leap from, into the New Year!!!

What song are you playing for 2009?

Love to dance with you soon


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