Bloody trojan, virus, spywareCRAP!


The beginning of a year should always start with a good clean. Well, maybe not so much cleaning as tidying. I started with the office today and hey, am I an expert in finding ways to stack paper, folders, CDs, magazines, books, etc etc in a way that makes it look great - but when I actually spend some time going through the stuff, I´ve saved SO MUCH crap!!!
The goal with this week is to cut the crap to at least half. When I´m done with the physical stuff, I´m heading into my computer. WHOOOOOHA, there´s a lot of stuff waiting to be thrown out also in the virtual world. Except from going through thousands of music files, I need to find out how to install Malwarebytes Anti-malware... My computer has caught a trojan or spyware that prevents me to install any cleaner or protector. HELP! In these situations I´m scaringly computer illiterate....

In the midst of cleaning, I got bored, so I headed out for a 5k run. (You can tell I´m getting my MOJO back, can´t you?)
I´m not sure what the biggest challenge was:

1. the fact that the running track reminded me of an ice-rink in places, damn, I should have brought my skates!

2. or that I got overtaken twice (I did overtake 3 people myself, but still...), it made me want to go: "I´m 15weeks pregnant!!!! You should be overtaking me you lazy looser!" Mature.

3. or the fact that I desperately needed a pee for all of the 5k (another side effect of pregnancy...). Since that insane madman killed so many spruces ("granar") in Skatås in the last few years, there are absolutely NO trees to hide behind anymore around the track, and no, I didn´t want to scare any children/old folks, so let´s just say I exercised my pelvic floor quite a bit during those ks...

ANYWAY. Since I´m feeling (dare I say it) slightly more energized, I´m looking forward to getting back to some sort of training routine again. I´m refusing to let "the bump" take me by surprise the day it decides to arrive, so today I ordered my maternity support belt.

I quote:

"...promotes proper posture and balance while allowing you to continue an active lifestyle. This belt is adjustable to accommodate size changes during and after pregnancy. It has excellent abdominal and lower back support and helps reduce the risk of strech marks. It is comfortable for everyday use and unnoticeable under most clothes. It can also be worn on the outside. This is our most popular belt with runners.
Back is 6" wide with a pocket for hot/cold pack or ipod and there are 2 side pulls for support adjustment.

Oh, I learn new things every day.



Jo said...

Hahaha You are SO pregnant!!!!

Camilla said...

You SOOOOOOO need to get yourself a Mac. Never a single problem with viruses, trojans, worms or anything. Plus much, much nicer design. Plus, never a single problem with anything. I have used my Macs from the moment I wake up unti late at night just about 365 days per year and never had a single problem. Never a single virus/trojan/worm - no nothing. Saves a ton of money, and I won't even mention the amount of frustration you save yourself. ;-)

mojo said...


I am. And I do.

I LOVE the design of everything Apple, it´s just that I haven´t been able to get my head around learning the new navigation/programs/etc that comes with a beautiful, sexy Mac.

Maybe 2009 will be the year????
Camilla, I´ll keep you posted. Fantastic photographs of your boys in the X-mas letter, by the way!

JO - welcome back! FINALLY!
Speak tomorrow,

Lots of love