In Town....

Colourful packing-chaos à la Mo


MOJO having a not so posed laughing fit...

MOJO-posing...(after about 5 attempts...)

Andreas Wester, Kímmo Jukkuri & Fredrik Sjöberg looking good in blue...


We´re finally in place in Stockholm!
(After a 5am start and you know what I think about my sleep....)

After a full day at the Nike head office, I´m now relaxing in my hotel room at the Birger Jarl Hotel before joining JO´s pre-convention yoga class at 4pm. Instead of sleeping, I´m watching an old episode of "House MD" that I must have (mysteriously) missed.

I feel more charged before this year´s event than in many years! Wow, it will be a fun weekend!

We have an informal presenters dinner tonight at 8.30pm, I´ll try to remember to bring my camera...so for pictures, make sure you come back later!


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Cizzi said...

Jag var med Daniel och kollade på cykelsalen idag. Det blir en intressant upplevelse ;) Intimt om inte annat.