Choices, choices....


Help! Which one?

Nike Zoom Bold Sister MD+


Nike Zoom Sister one+

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By the way, sadness struck today when I had to say bye, bye to my little car...
This little Toyota has served me beautifully for 2 years, it has sped around Gothenburg like a Ferrari on fire and dodged more speed-traps than greased lightning, but today it was time to hand it back. The lease is over and we got a second car that need some road time (since P moved his clinic two streets away, it´s not like he has to drive to work...).
But I did fall in love with my black Aygo and it will be long missed.....



K said...

Pink is pretty!

mojo said...

Yes, isn´t it?? I LOVE the fact that more trainers are coming out in beautiful bright colours!

Hmmm...I´ll have to bring both pairs to Stockholm, though, and try to switch equally between the two... :)


Jennie said...

Lyckost dej som kan välja båda :) Hade tagit dom svarta, lite mer speciella. Dom rosa har jag sett lite här och var redan. Väldigt fina dock. Svårt, jag håller med dej! Nike har ju så himlans mycket fint i vår! Hela julklappspresentkortet (långt ord!) gick åt på She Shop idag. Väldigt nöjd!
Ha det så kul i Stockholm! Jag är bokad på yogan, Sisjön måndag. Syns vi då?

mojo said...

Hej Jennie!

Ja, jag tror att det får bli de svarta på Kettlebellen på söndag....:)

Vi ses definitivt på Jonathan´s klass på måndag, kul att du kommer!

Ha en fin helg,