Meet me at MEET


After having worked all day yesterday, I came home - had a 1hr nap and then I was fit for fight again....Went out for dinner with our friends. What started out as a dinner for 6 turned out to be an even bigger affair with 11 people in the end. LOVELY!

What can be better than to spend a cold Saturday night together with amazing friends in a new, funky restaurant - that turns out to be fantastic?

Jez, if you love meat, live in Gothenburg (or just passing through) you HAVE TO visit MEET, in Geijersgatan 12!!! NOT to be missed!

And don´t be a fool - the thing that turns out to be a MUST on the menu: Oxfilét prepared in the KOBE way. At 550 SEK it can seem pricey, but I tell you - it´s worth every SINGLE penny.

I have NEVER had meat like that in a restaurant anywhere in the world...

Faces have been dimmed to protect the innoncent...

Livin´it up at restaurant MEET (and yes, they also do fish...)

There was actually a picture of my main course....but by the time I remembered to take a photograph, I had devoured my dinner (because it was sooooo delicious!!!) in such a way that it resembled roadkill more than the beautiful dish that it came served as.... Sorry...


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