Go for it! Kick my ass!


Oh yes, oh yes - oh yes, oh yes, oh yes!

Back in business BIG TIME! Taught 3 classes today, Yoga this morning followed by Spinning & Kettlebell in the evening. Kettlebell really kicks your ASS (in a good way) and it´s great to be back on track!

Also, started to get my working diary sorted and it looks like I won´t be keeping 2 weekends free per month...rather, it will be quite extraordinary if there will be 1 weekend free per month...

Well, well, well, I´ve slept enough in the last 12 weeks to last, if not a lifetime, at least until zee baby arrrrrrives....

From next week I´ll start training my wonderful, superglam little sister. I´m putting her on a twice a week program with kettlebell+yoga. My sister hates training. No, no, I really mean she HATES training. So far in her life, her TOTAL training time adds up to approximately 15-20h. If even. She is 35yrs old.

But, since she had beautiful (but not very lightweight) Daisy, her back has totally given in.
I´m looking forward to it, it´ll be a challenge.
Promise to keep you posted.


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