Spiritual Chocolate

Thank you all beautiful yogis and yoginis! Without you I could never pull of my FIRST official working day of 2009 with 5 classes :) I am so excited over this new term! !!! We are gonna have so much fun together:

  • HOT (36°) HOT (smoke ass hot yogis) YOGA
  • Wicked cardio + big time muscle work out (mon 1800)
  • Fierce wrist mandala asanas (your hands are gonna be stronger than Hulken altogether!)
  • Luminous Morning Meditation (Tues 730-0800)
  • Fierce Kick combos coming up
  • Techno Techno Techno Souns ! I'll take you there with BODYPUMP (thurs 1830)
  • Dizzling hot Jammin (1700) followed by beautiful Balance (1815)

And inbetween all this I am planning on running Göteborgs varvet for the first time... ever! Can someone plz give me some tips on how to get me little but started in this cold weather?

I keep on telling myself that it is WAY to cold and ICY to go running and I hate running indoors.

I love to Love you baby



Mr T said...

Tips inför Gbg-varvet: Om du klarar att ha som målsättning att ta dig runt och må bra efteråt och inte låter tävlingsegot ta överhanden, så är det bara att vänta på bättre underlag. Det är fortfarande 18 veckor kvar:)Skit i sluttiden. ingen kommer ändå ihåg den 1vecka efter loppet. När du väl börjar, satsa hellre på kort och ofta tills vanan börjar sätta sig. Efter ett tag lägger du in något lite längre pass i lungt tempo. det finns grymt fina stigar bakom botaniska, som är perfekt att finspringa ett långpass på. // Mr T

p3te* said...

Start by grabbing yourself an iPod Nano and the Nike+ sports kit!

In addition to kicking out some great choons and giving you something to play with while you run, it's surprisingly accurate at measuring your distance and speed as you run.

If you're like me and need to constantly challenge yourself to make running interesting, it's a big help as you can download your progress to the internet, and count and compare your kilometers after each run.

Other than that?!??...buy some good thermal underwear and try not to think about the cold.

Good luck!

Rob said...

Hi Jo! It’s no rush. I guess you need about 16 weeks to prepare yourself for the race. Probably less since you already is fitter than most of the other 50.000 runners, me included. At least you were before Christmas…but according to the blog things might have changed during the holidays :)? I will be happy to run with you. See you soon.

p3te* said...

I agree with Rob, considering your existing fitness level (Hell, you can teach an hour's class of body pump while I can barely survive one!!) there's no hurry to start training yet...although March / April is still hardly warm.

Unless you've never done any running before, I reckon 10 weeks training or so would be enough.

My most important tip is to control your breathing, long, slow, and steady - just like yoga!


Jo said...


Thanks guys!!!

Pete, I LOVE MY IPOD and will def use the NIKE+ .. guesse I have to buys some warm thermo gear as well!

Tobbe: Tråkigt att jag missar era lååååånga löpningar, helt ärligt faktiskt! Jag har alltid föredragit låånga långsamma rundor :) Det enda i mitt liv som jag annars gillar långsamt hahah

Hahah well Rob, how about you? How's your shape after christmas:?

Keep on giving me tips, i love it! I am even thinking of going for a run now.... (we almost!)

Love Jo

p3te* said...

One final thought...

Do a google search for "Yoga for runners", there is lots of advice out there (hopefully some of it is good), for giving you energy and keeping you injury free.

...but who am I kidding?!?

Rob said...

My shape is ok. Thanks for asking :) I have not fallen in the delicious Christmas trap this year. I’m still in Noosa, AUS. Today was LSD-day (Long Slow Distance). I and my brother ran trough Noosa National Park looking for Koalas and Kangaroos. But today we only saw sufers and a nudist :).

LSD should be done in a pace were you are able to speak, so this should not be a problem for you ;). If you’re too exhausted to have a normal conversation, you’re running to fast. LSD is letting your body getting used to going long. Start with 1h and add 5min a week until race day. (rest week before race day).

My yoga shape is not what it has been. I’m looking forward to getting HOT with you when I get back.