Honey I’m HOME ☺

Yes, I am back in Gothenburg after long, slow, soft days in Skåne.
And it has been great!!!
I have literally moved from the bed to the sofa to the dinner table, to the sofa, to the bed, over and over again.

I had some plan in the beginning that I should sign up with a gym in Skåne but that idée fell out of my mind quiet quickly for some reason…

I have even been too lazy to read books!

Instead I have fallen in love with Jonathan Rhys Meyers!!! What a man. An actor, model, singer and guitar player Oh la la.

I meet him in the box I got from my brother called “THE TUDORS”. And I have been convincing myself that I am actually educating myself, since it is about England’s King Henry the 5th!!! What do you say… can I pas that as EDUCATION?

I have spent time with the greatest grandma in the world! (Febbe, I taught her the “Hollywoodspelet” at 3am on New Years Eve and she rocked it : )

What else… Well, it is interesting how you can fall, and fall and fall, over and over for the same guy. It’s not that he’s all that… he is just well, makes my cheeks blush and my heart skip. And I’ve had a crush on him for over 20 years. (Oh god, hope he doesn’t read this!!!)

I got a new roomie! His name is SOUTH SIDE (from the cocktail on New Years Eve, U know East Cost/West Coast, well I say South Side : )
He’s a 3-meter tall green delicious plant.

Finally I have to agree with MO: There are only so many books you can read and so many movies to see. I long for 2009 to begin for real. So many exciting projects, so many friends to FIKA with and so many adventures to come.


Hmm, MO r u still gonna run?



Febbe said...

Ahhh welcome back babes!

Of cpurse she loved and rocked on it, you must have gotten your holywood talents from somewhere.
When do we play again...?


Jo said...

Yes, Indeed!

I say we play it again soon, very soon!!

And may I ad a warning: I am even bader (as in MJ's BAD) then before :)

Hows the yoga coming?

Loveidove Jo