WORD of the WEEK:


Yes it is! Sorry MO, but you know we are always one step ahead... Boobs are soo last week, I am telling you this is it!

Yesterday I had a GREAT start:

  • 0600 Meditation in my BED (yes it counts even in bed, why shouldn't it?!)
  • 0700 Yoga + Nada Brhama Meditation (And FINALLY He is part of the SHANTI group, MR E - WELCOME!!!)
  • 0800 HOT YOGA (hot yogis, hot humid air and hot asanas ;)

A POWER injection from my Mango at Muffins mm! Meeting with him really LIFTS my spirit, the laughter, our same strange way of thinking and reasoning (no one usually understands what we talk about whilst it makes perfect sense to us :)!

Went to my JIRA office and worked, worked, worked!

And just like that: All the air just went out "punktering" !! After 3 hours of trying to buy a ticket to NYC I was F..cking pissed of!!!

All the plans I hade for my Perfect Tuesday went out the window. I forgot to eat lunch, so I had no energy to go out for a run and then there was the STUPID CRAWL course that I had signed up for... arrrg. I just wanted to lie down and do NOTHING!

But instead I called my POWERPERSON (if you have NIKE+ you know that you have a POWERSONG, most of you probably have it anyway. A song that lifts you up, that boosts you!).

Well, if you check out
www.nikewomen.se you can read about many amazing instructors, and on the question: What do you do to boost yourself on a tough day? Most of us/them answer: I play a
POWERSONG! Including me!!!

Well, I got news for you! Sometimes that is NOT enough! And we all hade shity days.

I called my mom, almost crying and saying that I didn't want to go CRAWLING, cause everything was a mess etc etc...
She boosted me and 2 hour later I could check of: 60min trying to learn how to use my legs in the water and 7km of running :)


I think you know the feeling... words are not enough, you feel it right?!

So now - Who is your POWERPERSON?

(If you have a POWERSONG you can share that to :)



K said...


I think you're wonderful! But yes, of course everyone has days when things don't work out as planned or as you want them to. It is frustrating.

My powerperson is my mother, for reasoning and getting good advise. But for real energy I turn to my brothers son, he is 3 years and has so much wonderful power, laughter and energy. He makes me happy in my heart.

Have a fantastic evening and be proud of yourself for what you worked through today!

A.Eneroth said...

Finally måste ju vara rätt ord att använda här, jag har ju tjatat en del med mig själv om yoga under åren.
Anledningen att jag komigång nu och inte sen, måste bero uteslutande på en person.

Powerperson ahh intressant måste fundera vad/vem jag har där,
däremot skall jag sikta på att vara din powerperson vid något tillfälle.

Sedan finns en grym story om att ha dåliga dagar som jag älskar men den blir för lång att dra här.

Jo said...

Thank you K!

I totally agree with you: KIDZ are def a BIG inspiration!

They just DO IT! No judgement, or monkey mind there :)

I'll think of that more often !!

I had a GREAT evening! Especially after writing this blog. Writing really helps me to take a step back and look at the bigger picture :)

ENEROTH min mini GURU; ser fram emot att få höra den historien snart!