Comfort Zone


Very rarely do I eat completely vegetarian - as a regular reader of this blog, you will know that I am a very devoted carnivore and that my body feels good from eating organic meat (especially elk).

So, it´s lucky that I have friends like Sam & Erica who suggested that we would meet at Café Hängmattan for lunch today. Erica is an amazing Raw Food wiz, check out her book "Raw food på svenska".

You can try out her recipies at Dahl´s bakeshop in Östra Hamngatan.

Being a meat eater AND an inner city girl, going to Majorna is a bit of an excursion and an adventure for me. I know, I know, it´s only about 5min by car from Vasastan, but still...
P was laughing at me on the way there. (He is MUCH more open about where he could live in this city, whereas I have a limit of about 6-7 streets....).

My prejudices concerning Café Hängmattan where both true and completely off. The place is a haven for art-/music-/and creative (read alternative) people, so much were true. But the food and the buffét was even better than I would have expected!

I had a lovely nettle soup, followed by a huge plate of vegetarian goodies. YUMMY!
It was lovely to see Sam, Erica and their daughter Saga and the lunch flew past.

New part of the town.
New taste sensations.
New inputs.
Lots of laughter.
Ohhhh, a good day all in all so far!


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