Jo and the City

Or well, almost! It was actually LINA and the City!

Our FAB NIKE boss turned 30 last week and invited us to a smashing, sexig party in THE city (Sthlm).

After teaching AFRO POWER DANCE to the Gymnasium instructers I went to Swedens' 20th centrury Artist! He is the one responsible for Charlotte Perellis great succes in tiny silver dresses and fierce dark eyes :)

Over the breakfast table he tunrned me, the natural yogini, into a smashing BABE!
Midnight blue catlike eyes with laches from Sue Uemura and long blond fangs to hide behind, like a puma in the jungel. I didn't recognize myself :)

And neither did my collegues and friends. One of my close boyfriends greeted me with a handshake as he introduced himself... WTF? I said, whats up with the hand, give me a hugg and a kiss :)

The party lasted for alomost 24 hours with sweet ASTI to start with, a PINK carpet with paparazzis, Comsopolitans, wining and dining until 1230 and dance dance dance to the sound of live singing and DJing!

Thank you Lina for an amazing evening! Thank you Åsa for great company, 6am McDonalds and 3pm breakfast! Thank you M for the total makeover!

I promise to put some pics up as soon as they have been "childproof" :)


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