Had a great spinning class Sunday morning....

...and I invited my team friends Petter & Mango on stage with me....

...where they did an awesome job as riders & eye-candy.... :)

Colour is the answer...NIKE Spring collection 2009 - I like!

Åsa, Ida & Elen - beautiful NIKE women...

Marc Santa Maria - a new name (and what a cool name that is!) in Europe - from Crunch NY. A great presenter and a wonderful person.

Oscar, Petter, Åsa & Mango, getting ready to do NIKE Oslo 2009

Getting cosy: Åsa Fornander & Ida S. Fjoside


I´m in Norway hanging out at the NIKE Oslo Convention.
Had a nice, quite relaxing day today, since I´m teaching all my 3 sessions tomorrow, Sunday.

I went to 2 yoga classes - 1 Kundalini and 1 Vinyasa Flow. The Kundalini was a lot of "Fire breath" (not to be recommended when you are pregnant) and a lot of sitting and the Flow class didn´t contain one single vinyasa. Strange. What was even stranger was the thumbs up my armpits during Savasana. Yoga teachers take note: Thumbs up your armpits during Savasana does not help you find a deeper sense of relaxation.

NIKE Sweden is well represented by Mango, Åsa Fornander, Petter Ehrnvall & I. It´s always nice to get the chance to hang out and to see the others in action.

Tomorrow Mango & Petter are joining my spinning class. I´ll promise I´ll make them work extra hard.



Cizzi said...

Åh, nu är det inte många dagar kvar till nike sthlm! =) Hoppas klasserna går bra imorgon!

Jenny - Step In Östersund said...

Ni verkar verkligen ha haft härliga timmar där och hoppas ni laddar för NIKE i Sthlm i helgen...

Snygg vårkollektion! :)

Kram kram

mojo said...

Ahhhh, inte många dagar kvar nu!

Cizzi & Jenny - vi ses till helgen, it will be awesome! :)