I Survived ...

... as you can see below :)

Had lunch with Mo yesterday, which was WAY to long ago!

She looks so HOT Tamale! Talk about GLOW :)

So what was this mission I was on?! And why was I afraid that I wouldn't make it back?!


Me and Mango took the bus after my classes 50min outside of Goth
enburg where there was just land, land, some horses and some red barns AND Spending 1,5 hours trying to climb up a 7m long/high drapery!
Imagine gym class in 3rd grade, trying to climb that 3 meter rope, well this was like that but HARDER since most of us weigh a bit more then we did in 3rd grade, and the fabric was elastic...

Mango was FIERCE! He practically climbed using only his arms whilst I had to rely on my legs a bit more.

We were upside down, did the "Fallen Angel", "Gubben i Månen" and stuff like that you know ;)

After about 30 min I noticed that my feet were BLUE!
Telling Mango that the fabric (which was BLUE) must've colourde my feet....!

The only thing was that my hands weren't blue, hmmm Then Maria told me: It was NOT the fabric, it was my blood vessels popping, bursting.
She told me that you got use to it. I guess you get used to the massive ache in my abs, back and arms as well?!

Wonder how teaching one functional muscle class + BODYPUMP will feel like tonight...

Off to school now to learn about Emotions and the Brain! Exciting!

Oh, yeah, forgot to mention, there were HORSES as well! I love horses! On the bus back to Gbg I tried to feed my newlly gained Fantasy horse LyckyMango :)

Have a GOOD one Ya'll ;)


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