After 3...

...days of HEAVY weight training:
  1. Thursday: Functional Training 60min + BODYPUMP
  2. Friday: LOVE U Mo... but 2 Kettlebell classes, phuu....
  3. BODYBALANCE and BODYPUMP Quarterly in Halmstad

this is what I really need!

Thanks to the NEW BODYBALANCE 44 I feel much more open in my chest.
I normally have a tendency to internally rotate my shoulders (like in chatturanga dandasana, the push up in sun salutations, and sometimes in weight training) Naughty Naughty!!

But the new BODYBALANCE release includes many poses where you clasp your hands behind your back and OPEN your chest, yummm! (not at first but the 3rd, 4th time :)

Back home to reload my guns for FORM Falköping tomorrow! The main focus is YOGA, thank Heaven ;)

The Sun is shining, It is Saturday, It is SWEET

Enjoy Jo

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