Grapefruit & Semla


Had an appointment with the midwife today. It was more 20min of information, than anything else.

2 highlights: 1) Getting to listen to Bebbelina´s heart (which we heard fine for about 15seconds, then Bebbelina decided she´d had enough, kicked the dopler hard and moved away...) 2) Booking an ultrasound for March 20. That´s when we´ll find out if it´s really a Bebbelina or maybe a Bebbo?! Wow, that´ll be exciting!

I was tired this morning after 2 nights of bad sleep, so when I came back around 12.30, I went straight for an hour´s nap. No training today, just resting and eating. I have a 2-day InCycle Basic Certification course this weekend (luckily, it´s being held here in Gothenburg) and on Saturday night we´re celebrating S´s bithday.

Anyway, this is what I will be having as a snack later: pink grapefruit (not immediately) followed by the winner Semla from Brogyllen.... MMMMMMmmmmmm.....



Helena said...

Mmm...semla och grape, det bästa av två världar... :)

Kate said...

Wow, just stopped by again, sounds like you've been busy! Baby on board and all, eh?

I hear that semlor make happy babies, so you've got like another three days to work on it!


mojo said...

Hahahaha, kanske inte samtidigt, men definitivt samma dag, Helena! :)

Kate, I´m sure that Semlor makes happy babies! Happy mum=happy baby! :)