A party in my belly


Normally the saying goes: "...having a party in one´s pants..."
Well, I have a party in my belly. Which sort of comically enough is the natural next step from having the party in one´s pants...

P and I had this vision of giving birth to a "bokmal" (ie someone quiet and calm with glasses who is so caught up in books that time and place seize to exist). This statement was made after a conversation we had about what we were like when we were kids. We both LOVED books and also loved reading...

The last few days have sort of buggered that theory.

Bebbelina is now so active that I get the "party in my belly"-feeling several times a day. I picture her going:


and throwing herself from side to side, up and down, tossing and turning, whilst kicking and stretching madly at the same time.

Last night I made the mistake of starting the "knock, knock, who´s there"-game. I had read about it in baby books and wanted to test the theory that if you knock your belly whilst the baby is moving, he or she will grant you with a kick... IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, it worked so well that I couldn´t fall asleep, since my free-passenger obviously did not see the point in stopping once it had started... For about an hour the circus artist kept going - and I tell you what, you try to fall asleep with something flying around inside you!

It´s all cool. I´m so happy. And it makes it far more real now.



Anonymous said...

Jag får rysningar!! Njuuut! Det är det bästa med graviditeten... kontakten man får med den lilla människan därinne! Kram Malin G

mojo said...


...och kul....

...och spännande!!!


just a steel town girl on a saturday night said...

this just made me so happy to read! i want a party in my belly TOO! ha ha... congratulations on all your happiness, M (and P too)...

xo A

Helena said...

Can´t wait to see that little smile... So happy for you!

mojo said...

thank you so much! I NEVER thought I would stage a party in my belly, actually, but now when it´s here, it´s kinda awesome. I hope I get to see you and J soon-it´s been far too long!!! :))

Helena, you and Carro need to get your act together and either come and join the m&m tour in Stockholm or take a road trip to Gbg this spring! :))

Lots of love to you both