Sweet and Sticky


First of all - great to hear that you feel better, darling JO! Stay well and strong this week, b4 Luleå...

Secondly, Ticnet SUCKS! If you sell one thing - and one thing only - it would be VERY helpful if this so called service actually WORKED... I got kicked off the system 3 times this morning, when I waited in the cyber queue to buy tickets for:

MADONNA live in concert here in Gothenburg on August 9, 2009.

How infuriating.

Well, well, "skam den som ger sig". With not so high hopes, I trotted off to Pustervik and, to my HUGE surprise, th
ere were only 4 people in front of me in line - and, believe it or not, there were tickets left for me, when I reached the front!!!! This means that 1 month or so after Bebbelina is born, I will be heading off to Ullevi to see one of our times greatest perfomers ever, live, here in my home city... Swell.

Ps. JO had the amazing pleasure to have dinner with this icon last year in London. I´ll let her tell you about her experience in her own words in her own time, but she did say that she is STUNNING in real life...


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