..and the BEST FILM award goes to:....


I´m kinda tired after two days of educational work. Thanks to the gang who joined me from as different places as Varberg, Kungsbacka, Hedemora, Arvika, Tidaholm & Stockholm to become InCycle spinninginstructors! Well done!

I´ve just finished a fabulous dinner made by P, consisting of entrecôte, sallad & fresh asparagus. I would have given you a photograph if I hadn´t wolfed it down in less than 15min...

One episode of "House MD" with some salt liqurice & sour sweeties and then I´m quite sure I´ll be dozing off... If I had a TV and if I had been able to keep awake, I´d be watching gorgeous Hugh Jackman
leading the Oscars tonight, hoping that my favourite film so far this year: "Slumdog Millionaire" - what a GREAT movie! - what a fantastic cast! (And this is said by someone who absolutely detested India when she was there...) would win Best Film.


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