MOJO time

Normally we make an effort to see each other at least once a week. However, lately both our lives have been more hectic than usual, so today was celebration time when MOJO managed to meet for a quick afternoon fika at one of our favorite hangouts: A&O.

This woman - dear JOJO - always shares great energy and love. It´s lovely to have a giggle and still be able to talk business at the same time!

Tomorrow morning I have my second meeting with my new accountant - in the afternoon P and I are looking at yet another apartment (promising, but a little bit too pricey) and then we´re off to our meeting with the bank.

Somehow I want to fit in a fika with a dear Swedish friend home from Miami.
She lives in South Beach and still talks about "moving home to Sweden".

I check her temperature every time we meet (no fever?) - especially after she´s been talking about hearing the ocean from her open bedroom window or riding to work in her cabriolet with the top down or going running along the boardwalk in the stunning sunset - then the procedure is always the same - I look her deep in the eyes and ask: "....You obviously do not have a temperature....and you want to move WHERE????...."

Well, as of yet, she´s still in Miami - by the ocean - in the sun - 18 years on.... :)


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