Kettlebell at NIKE Sthlm - photographs


On my way to Nyköping in a couple of hours... getting everything organized.

Just received the photographs from Kettlebell 200 in my mailbox. Thanks to Thomas Althin, photographer, based in Malmö.

JO, have a kick-ass weekend at NIKE Helsinki (where the MOJO-blog was born 1 year ago!!!!).

Back on Sunday,



K said...

Your're looking great, and kettlebells is so much fun. Have a great weekend and time in Nyköping! Go stong.

mojo said...


THANK you ever so much!

Getting ready for tomorrow here in Nyköping.... :)

Wishing you a fab weekend!


Helena said...

Thanks for a GREAT class! And for the ache in my muscles that lasted for FOUR DAYS..!
For those of you who haven´t tried a class with Mo - JUST DO IT NOW! She is a mix of Pippi Långstrump and The Hulk - can´t go wrong..!
Love you energy Mo!

mojo said...

Kisses to you, H!
I bow, thank you and smile.

Isn´t it amazing how KB-training can find muscles you never even knew existed??? That´s why I LOVE this training form, it´s tough, challenging and gives amazing results...

Hope to see you soon,

Lots of love