Tuesday afternoon


I wanted to go for a walk (although I HATE walking, I mean what is walking good for? It´s too slow for transport and it´s not very effective training for a fit person...It makes my shoulders ache and my feet hurt...) after a full working day inside, so when P was finished with his last patient, we met up outside his work. We got as far as Haga when I realized that the wind was too cold, the rain was too wet and...ohhh, I want a Semla!
Where else to go than Brogyllen - winner of the best Semla in the City 2009? Unfortunately, by the time we got there, the queue was forming OUTSIDE the café! Too bad...but queuing for my sugary/creamy bun was not on the list...

...instead we started to walk back and as we passed Wettergrens, we realized that the yearly book sale started today! Yes! 20min later we left with 6 new books. P bought 4 (all about cooking) and I got two - one about marketing and then this:

I´ve wanted to get my hands on this book for a while, and now I got it in the sale - 99:- instead of 308:-, not bad, eh?

Chris Anderson is the editor of "Wired" magazine and known as an international "business guru". He charges 500.000:- SEK + expenses per lecture.

He famously said in a Swedish interview: " Jag tar betalt för tiden som jag är iväg från min familj. Jag tar betalt för att sitta på tråkiga flygplan. Men egentligen föreläser jag gratis."

Not a bad role model.


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