Born Yogis :)

Luleå hade lagt ribban HÖGT men Götet startade starkt!!!

First day of GLOBAL YOGA teacher Training in Gothenburg is over and I have a very optimistic look upon the future :)

They have all worked HARD from 9am till 6pm and tomorrow we start at 730 with a 2 hour practice.

There is something about Yoga that fills me with PRANA, even though I work my but off I feel so energized, or perhaps more HOPEFUL and POSITIVE!

The look in my yogis eyes fuels me and tells me that YES, this is really THE THING!

Normally I feel exhausted after my teacher trainigs but with Global Yoga I feel full, instead of empty, energized instead of drained. That must mean something right...?!

And by the way, I got an invitation to my CLASS REUNION in the mail today! hahha feels like a MOVIE!

What do you think, should I go?

Have a SHAKTI BHAKTI Friday my loved ones Jo

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