Sunday thoughts


I came back from Nyköping last night. Work at Hälsomagasinet went really well.
I never stop being surprised about exactly how big Sweden is... Travelling by train and bus to get to my destination, I really wonder how it comes that our country is so big and vast, but still we all want to live in the SAME 10-12 streets in the big cities... and we are prepared to pay millions for it...
Weird, eh?

Another thing I don´t understand with small to medium size cities: WHY oh, WHY must young men drive their EXTREMELY noisy cars around all night revving their useless enginees right outside my bedroom window???
If there is something that gets my adrenaline going and my aggressive side to come out... It´s just pure luck that I´m not armed or there would be a blood bath...

On a lighter note: Bebbelina is making herself known every day now. It´s amazing how different things feel now when I can finally feel her movements...


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