Alive but not Kickin'

I am alive... I haven't been out of bed for 5 days, literally!! I can't remember the last time I was this sick (perhaps it was in India in Rishikesh...? Or in Dharamsala at Vipassana..? Or no, this is probably it!)

Woke up on Wednesday morning and didn't feel all that Sunshieny... went to teach my 7am CORE class and already in the beginning of class I felt that the squats were killing me!
Called my Pom after class to say that I was taking the car instead of the bike to Monks' class at Gymnasium.... eh, yeah right!

Thank GOD Pom isn't always that POM! He forced me to GO straight home instead and thats where I have been ever since...

This weekend I was supposed to teach 5 rocking classes at NIKE in Helsinki, (where the MOJO blog was born!) stay at one of my fav hotels GLO and spend time with great collegues and participants but NO... what did I do? I was laying in bed halucinating!

When I get the fever I feel like everything is a mess and it eats me up from inside, I can only relaxe when there is order so I work and work for that order (eh, that is rearanging cushons and the cover thinking it is a hughe architectural project :)

Well well after this sucky weekend with no party, no work (which I LOVE) and no money earned (yes - I really counted on this weekends money) I am now recharing and looking forward to the coming weekend with the preimer of my GLOBAL YOGA Education!!!

Going to pic up the worlds Greatest Brother now (he is helping me with some stuff :)



p3te* said...

Oh that really sucks :(
Of all the possible weekends it could happen, it had to be this one.

Hope youre well enough now to rock your classes at Hagabadet this week!

K said...

get better and stronger soon! I am certain you will.

Anonymous said...

Sooo sorry min darling..
Har mkt svårt att ens se dig ligga still i mer än 5 sekunder, men undrens tid är ännu inte förbi haha..
Hoppas du snart hittar tillbaka in i eldsjälen ;)

Kramar Mia