hOMe - GLOBAL - GOD :)

What a day :)
Back in business even though it isn't FULL Speed yet - Good for me :)

The studio and the bathroom is now FINISHED! It is soo nice - I am flying around in my anti-gravity thingie every time I get a chance :)

Great meeting mixing business and beauty this morning :)
P is AMAZING! He cuts hair like a GOD!

Filming HOT MOJO sequence nr 3 after lunch - MO Kicked my ass during the filming and then she kicked it again at her 530 pm spinning class - MAN!

How am I gonna survive the PT session 2morrow morning?!

What else is cooking?


I KNOW - Mo and I are gonna ROCK the .... World! At least that's our plan :)
Keep your fingers crossed - promise that you will enjoy it wherever you are ;)

Teaching MOJO Yoga Teacher Training in Varberg this weekend - sycked about that!
Than the GLOBAL YOGA TT in Sthlm the weekend after that
and then....

GLOBAL MALA + HOME on Sep 1st!

Don NOT miss it :)



1 comment:

mojo said...

I´m so excited I will not be able to sleep!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful day/afternoon,

Love you,