From chaos comes order


This is what I´ve been doing most of the day.
Tidying the office. And I mean REALLY tidying out the office: putting papers into holders, throwing out old stuff, going through receipts, indexing one million different invoices/participant lists/manuals etc etc.
As I am one helluva multi-tasker (or ADHD-sorter-outer, you choose, I just CANNOT stick to only tidying - why is that???) I had to answer emails, send out confirmations, sort out my wardrobe, print invoices, take phone calls AND hoover the apartament, at the same time...

Catharsis was reached around 5pm.

Damn it felt GOOD to have a SUPER tidy office! And do you know what the great thing is?

On Saturday (yes, this coming Saturday 7 August), me and JOJO are going to KOMMERSEN to sell SO MUCH STUFF!

Just the amount of clothing and shoes is enough to open a shopping mall!!!
Soooo, if you´re a size small/36 in clothes - some hoods and jackets in medium/38 - and a EUR38 in shoes, you should DEFINITELY come by. :)

- Blingblinged from my iPhone

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