Comparisonasana We have received numerous reports about yogis incurring neck injuries during their practice, due to their habit of straining to see what other yogis are doing in a pose. To prevent unnecessary neck strain, and to give full attention to the ego-boosting or ego-deflating comments running through your mind, we recommend coming out of the pose you are performing and immediately assuming comparisonasana, which is basically whatever position gives you the best view of the entire classroom (or just the super bendy person in the back row). Please be aware the frequent performance of comparisonasana will not make you many friends in your yoga class, and can severely disrupt your own practice. Therefore, it is recommended that you practice this pose as infrequently as possible, but with full awareness when you feel the need to compare. Please notice the effect that making these comparisons has on your state of mind, and adjust the frequency of comparisonasana accordingly.

Have a BEAUTIFUL Day Yogis and Yoginis!

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