The Return

Leaving Stockholm on time!
Had FUN during my hour on the bike at the GF Summer Convention! The crowd was enthusiastic, friendly and worked hard - always a winning combination.
Got to spend a few minutes with this handsome crew before class:

Maria, Petter & Robert (Anna had unfortunately already left)

Before my train left for Gotham City, I even managed to sneak in a quick fika with my multi-talented, fabulous yogini/entrepreneur girlfriend Ullis and her little prince E.

We see each other far too seldom, but when we do, sparks are flying!

We covered motherhood, the strains and benefits of being an entrepreneur parent, future projects (an exciting joint venture coming up in 2011), plus a zillion other things in 45 minutes!

Now, headphones and a nap.
Because I'm worth it.

- speedblinged from my iPhone

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