Shit and Shanti

Global yoga part one done :)

On the train back home. Exhausted and yet filled with prana!

I always learn so much when I teach! This time I had an "assistant" with me for the first time. She was amazing I had to think a bit differently which is always great!

When I teach my own trainings I don't have to schedule exactly what ti do since I know it all and use the flow of the group!
But now when I'm trying to expand Global Yoga I really need to look over my structure...

Thank GOD Sanna is such a cool Yogini ;)

Here she is!

Vapiano Saturday night!
Yummey pasta and my fab red wine Amarone (I think that's the name :)

Can't wait to meet Mo 2morrow to wrap the Hot Mojo TT!!!!

Now sleep!
Ate Burger King before leaving - yuk!!!! Really, I can feel it destroying my Prana, I can't believe people eat that shit!!

Shanti shanti Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Sanna said...

L O V E.
Tack! Inspirerad till tusen. Längtar redan till nästa helg- och till den månad som är.. :)

pete* said...

The idea of eating burger king is always better than the actual experience! ;)