What friends are for...

WHAT a start of the DAY!
After having weird difficulties falling asleep last night, I got up at 1am to evaluate yoga DVDs until 3.15am...Finally fell asleep around 4am....
The alarm went off at 7.00 and believe it or not, I managed to have a SMASHING beginning of the day, much thanks to superstar JO!

30 minutes of: Squats - deadlifts - rows - and overhead squats, followed by heavier squats and deadlifts.
1h of yoga,
and THEN a hilariously hard session consisting of Bulgarian Bags/Rope and bungy-running.

Big heads up to Björn Gebenius from FORM Visby, who brought ALL his play things the whole way from Gotland! Now, that´s what I call dedication!

Looking forward to sweat it out for real this Friday with Björn, Christine and JoJo.

Friends are for support, training, sweating, shopping, planning,
brainstorming, drinking coffee, giggling, gossiping
and of course: hugging!
(amongst other things)

Met up with another tiger for coffee straight after the workout.
Now more tidying and Gosh, emptying the last wardrobes for shoes, handbags and clothes going on SALE on Saturday...
Enjoy the day, darlings!

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