Posh Varberg!

Whilst Mo's running around in Sthlm I'm teaching Mojo Yoga in Varberg!

Let me tell u - it is more posh down here than I expected .. Everybody seems to be driving Corvettes (spelling:?!)

I love being back in business :)
Makes me appreciate the days at home so much more!

I'm a yin n yang girl for sure!!!
Always want something sweet after the salty and vice versa!

The yogis are working hard!!!

The second day is always MASH! And then like simsalabim on the third day it all comes together :)

Let's hope it does that 2morrow as well!

Now some red wine in bed and then sweet dreams!

For those of you rocking midnattsloppet GBG! Kick ass ;)

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)

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