To Russia with Love?

I´ve had the exciting opportunity to work in Russia a number of times. In November I´ll make trip number four to the vast country in the east.

Like in all countries, when you are there you meet lots of helpful and nice people, but BEFORE you get there, you have to deal with the bureaucracy of the Russian Consulate or Embassy...

My, my, my, you would have thought that between us - Mango (who has visited the former U.S.S.R as many times as I have) and I would have REMEMBERED what documents to bring for the visa application?


First of all, the website says: "Opening hours 8.30 - 15.00"
When we stand outside the gate, ringing the doorbell, a very angry Russian comes out and screams at us. Oh, nice.
We cannot hear or understand one single word of what he´s shouting. In the end he rushes towards us like an angry bulldog, sreaming and pointing to a sign by the gate: "Opening hours 10.00-12.00".

Oh, well.

So, Mango and I grab a coffee by Mahogny and have a lovely chat. (Thank God, Mango was with me...)
When we return at 9.55, we find ourselves second in line in a little queue.

And as we get let into the horrible, grubby, tiny space that makes up the visitors waiting room, it suddenly dawns on both of us: We have no insurance paper and no photographs with us!
So we´re basically missing 2 out of 3 things necessary to even apply for a VISA!

Yes, yes, yes, how could we forget, since we have been through this procedure 6 times+ between us?
Let me just say to our defence: like with any traumatic experiences, coping mechanisms like denial and pushing memories away are obviously very effective...
Visiting any Russian official space is just that: slightly traumatic.
At least that´s my excuse...

One of the 2 missing documents....

Dressed for autumn.
Golden ballerinas - Mango
Trousers - Maison Scotch
Top - Twist and Tango
Jacket - I love this high street take of the 27.000SEK Burberry Pilot jacket - Zara
Bag - A Burberry Cartridge Pleat Tote. Yes, the real deal and I´m in LOVE with it.
Enough to make you bag-happy for at least a year!!!


Alexander said...

Would like to go to Russia too, the angry man seems scary though :-)! Here is what I would go shopping for, btw:

mojo said...

Hahaha, yep, the angry Russian men are really not fun to deal with, neither in Sweden, nor in Russia!
Thanks so much for the tip, Alexander!

Have a great week,