At the moment is very different from what I usually do!

I invested time and money in a new PT - Which I can recommend to everybody!

If I had AL THE MONEY in the world - A PT would come very high up the list!
Cause just like you know - You need to take GOOD care of yourself in order to take care of others!

MY PT is very HONEST and sometimes honest can be tough to take - But hey that's why I hired and pick THAT PT!!!

So I thought that I would share what I am doing at the moment :)

We found out that my HIP Flexor was really tight and that my hamstrings are LONG - basically I am stretching the front of my legs and strengthening the back - hamstring on a ball works great for me at the moment!

Oh by the way - perhaps you wanna know my training goals :)
- Well - I don't get excited by numbers - FEELINGS excite me! I wanna feel all-round balanced and strong - LONG TERM! Last couple of years I've reached a plateau in my training - especially YOGA since that's what I tend to do most of the time!

I want to break things down and find my weak points - work with them - and the shoot for the moon :) (any way will do!)

As well as strengthening my hamstrings I am also working on connection with my low low abs - there is a centimetre or so where I feel ZERO connection. Sure I can pass by it without you noticing in most exercises but I feel that I am cheating!

Today's plan was legwork - but since my right foot isn't back in shape yet my FAB PT rearranged things and made me do PULL UPS in SO MANY ways!

My Program for the coming week is my "rehab" exercises + the PULL UP work!

Jihaaaaa - I am actually so excited about this kind of ISOLATED training - I've been doing so much "functional, full body" stuff for a long time and I can actually feel these isolated movements paying of already!

So - Summa Kardemumma - It is great to train "functional" - But make sure it is FUNCTIONAL to U!!!

My own clients are on there way and then packing for STHLM GLOBAL YOGA TT this evening!

Train leavs 0600 Friday.... Whoppa



Jennie said...

PT träning är värt varje krona, absolut! Så nyttigt, kul och inspirerande, allt på samma gång. Kul bild :)

mojo said...

Härligt att höra att du tycker detsamma!

Jag skulle kunna hyra en PT på heltid - bara man hittar rätt pt ;)