Why I ♥ Running

Here goes...
I chose between a tough session in the gym or a long, slow run. As the skies cleared in the afternoon, the choice was easy.
An 8.5k run in the forest. Yummy!

Except for one thing... as I was going to check the pace/distance at the end of those 8.5k, this is what I saw:

#*^###%¤"@!!!! I´d lost my NIKE Sportband chip during the run!!!

I´ve decided NOT to loose my mood because of this little 700SEK hick-up, so here is the real reason of today´s blog post: Why I ♥ Running...

- It´s one of the purest forms of movement. (Wo)man has run since s/he could walk upright.

- There is NO way you can cheat! You´re either running or you´re not, simple as that.
Once you´re on the go it´s just you: your heart, your lungs, your legs and your bodyweight.

- It´s cheap (well, as long as you don´t go overboard with the gadgets...or...erhm...loose said gadgets in the forest....). The only thing you really NEED is a good pair of shoes, no matter if your taste says fully cushioned or 5fingers.

- It can be done from where you are. You don´t have to transport yourself to get started.

- It can be done any time. In the morning. At lunchtime. In the evening. Perfect for a toddler mother.

Add stress relief, weight management, creator´s buzz and runners high into the equation and what have you got? A perfect training form, must be?
What do you think?

For Date night:
Cropped khaki pants - Designer´s Remix
Long fitted Granpa shirt - minus
Necklace - Hoss
Belt - Pinko
Shoes - KG
Handbag - my old road racer turned into a Mulberry Bayswater

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