Really, today has been so weird (in a good way) I don´t even know where to start...
Actually, I can´t.
The two projects that are so, so enticingly close to be in the bag now, are nowhere near in the bag, until the bag is shut, locked and on the plane...if you know what I mean...

Even if I want to shout out loud, stand on the rooftops and just go for it, I can´t, because if it doesn´t happen, if nothing comes out of it, I don´t want to have excited both you and me for no reason at all...

Gosh, I´m just so happy that JO is there to share the excitement for the BIG ONE, because 1. Shared happiness is DOUBLE the FUN and 2. Otherwise I would EXPLODE.


Anything to bring my mood down? Well, I had a stone thrown from a bridge at my car today when I left the city, and it made my front window crack.
Not good - and very expensive to fix.

And you know what?
Not even that could bring my mood down!




Helena said...

LOVELY!!! Tell us, tell us, teeeeeeell us!!! :)

mojo said...

As soon as we know and can, we will blow it up BIG time on MOJO! :)