No pressure, no diamonds

Again I'm in the Yin and Yang of life!
Haw the F..K can it be so hard to balance - and WHY do I find it so BORING to balance?!

Some morning fights and then spending 4hours with the electrician... Great guy but Oh did I have other things to do + I missed breakfast :(

Älskling I'm sorry!
It's just hard sometimes...

There's a longing for the streets of NYC in my bones!
Perhaps that's why I painted my studio pitch shiny dark blue - to feel the BIG CITY lights from the spotlights in the ceiling!
The light switches themselves cost 4000sek...

Been thinking about doing the CLEAN detox - got the book and it all makes sense!
Tried it for a couple of days and LOVED the feeling - How come then do I feel like getting a massive hangover, lack of memories and a camera with pics in it taken by strangers?!

What's up COOKIE?

I want to FEEL everything at once :)
I miss the watching eye of my teacher - the way she looks at me and there's no where to hide. The way she looks at me and I know that I can be larger than life!
I miss her look!

Mo - you are so refreshing!
Can't wait to sit down and make our plans into physical realities :)

I can't wait to meet my students again!
Durig trainings, workshops, private sessions and regular classes!

There is no other way!

Tues - Caramel Core 0700 Hagabadet
Wed - Hot Mojo 0645, Hot Mojo 1830, BodyPump 1930 Masthugget Fitness
Thur - Global Yoga 1915 Hagabadet

SEP 1st - GLOBAL MALA Gotheburg, Malmö, Stockholm :)


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