Incycle & MOJO

I am extremely happy and lucky to have found such an amazing team.
Linda, Magnus & Jessica are all bringing so much knowledge, talent, spirit and ENERGY to the Incycle team, that the future is BURSTING with exciting prospects!

Magnus and Jessica did a fantastic job at the weekend, educating 12 new InCycle spinning instructors.

...and whilst M&J were working Gothenburg, beautiful JOJO did the weekend in Varberg with 12 new MOJO yoga teachers!
Hat off to JO, who on Thursday evening sprained her ankle so badly she couldn´t even walk!
3 days later she´s more than back on her feet and has been teaching yoga Friday, Saturday, Sunday!

The newly baked, fresh from the bike, team of 12 + Magnus & Jessica
(Photograph borrowed from JessicaClaren.com)

Meeting the fab 2 for a quick coffee at Central Station before Jessica headed back to Stockholm.
(Photograph borrowed from JessicaClaren.com)

Jessica & Magnus - "RADARPARET"

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Magnus said...

Tack för fika, inspiration och fina ord:) P&K M