Kick my ASS


What am I doing differently this autumn?
I´m much more stressed and flustered than I usually am at this time of year.
It´s not the work. I´m used to a very heavy and hectic workload. And it´s not the travelling. My God, during the years when I travelled the most, I did over 150 days of travel - in 1 year!

It MUST be the combination of: Work - New HUGE projects - and being a mother.
Wheeey, I´m finally getting a first hand experience of the working mother-stress syndrome.

Right now on my to-do-list:

* Finding a dagis (daycare). Finding THE RIGHT dagis to apply for. I´m alreay late. I would like Robin to start in January. The most popular dagis are applied for whilst baby is in the womb. Hello? I got a LIFE!

* Finding the time to apply for Russian Visa. Tuesday morning booked for this tedious task. Check.

* Booking classes for an AMAZING friend and world famous dance-/fitness presenter who will be in town in October. I´ve started to get ball(s) in rolling, but need to settle a few details first.
You want to book this STAR to your facility, I promise, cause she´s SMOKIN´HOT!

* Finalize legal papers for MOJO. This seems to be a task that just goes ONandONandONandON, a bit like those nightmares where you run and run and run and you don´t get anywhere. (AND you´re naked....)

* Picking up keys for my new Personal Training-collaborations. I´ll be taking clients to two different places depending on what they require. I picked up one of the two sets of keys today. After I panicked and freaked out for about half a lifetime because I had forgotten that I was doing just that. Not.Good.Because.I.NORMALLY.don´t.forget.things.

Lucky my spinning class tonight didn´t just kick the members´ tiny asses. It kicked mine too - and right now, that´s just what I need - endorphins and some adrenalin to get me back into the groove of things.

A bit like amphetamines supposedly have calming effects on ADHD-sufferers.

Which is just bulls**t, give them proper food, no sugar and lots of Omega3 instead, poor kids.

Over and out.

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