Go Got!

Some days I love my city more than most days.
Today was one of those days.
First of all, an impromptu morning coffee with JO at our new fav hangout, Doppio.
I LOVE the fact that we are now literally only 2min away from each other, which is handy both on good days and not-so-very-shiny-days, right JoJo? minum

When I went on a slightly longer walk in the afternoon (I never venture too far from my "hood") I discovered the following:

They are finally here! The GRAB-and-GO bikes!

And they come with a bike basket!
Which gives a total score of 10 out of 10 in the world of MO.

WHAT?! A good looking bin??? And how surprised was I, when I realized that there are many, many, many bins like this in the center of the city!
Well done, City of GO:TEBORG
I´m proud of you.

Rounded off the late afternoon with a buggy run in Skatås, where I met representatives from all the big gym chains in the city.
(And yes, every single one of them was running and looking GOOD)

I even saw my old friend Bjarne galopping past in a blur (because he IS that fast), but it all went so quickly that it could also have been my imagination... :)

Early bed tonight, teaching a 2-day Kettlebell Seminar Saturday and Sunday.

Have a smashing weekend, friends, enjoy Way out West if you are there.
Personally, I´m hoping to hear Chemical Brothers all the way to my kitchen like I did with Lily Allen last year... celebrate


soffan said...

Ah, så gött med såna där cyllar!! Det har funnits i typ tusen år i Köpendanmark, och jag har alltid tyckt att det är märkligt att ingen har snott den idén här hemma i Svedala... Way to go Götet!

J said...

Sjukt bra med cyklarna :)

mojo said...

Visst är de härliga!
Gott att kunna vara stolt över sin stad. :)