Here we go again

After a splendid magnificent day I went for the 5k in Skatas, felt as if I was flying :)

Unfortunately the wings weren't real and I crashed 200m before goal... ( someone had drawn a start line there for some reason and it was 2 feet deep...)

Flick flack twist fly turn smash landings later I felt it - F..k my right foot is out :(

Was I crying cause I didn't get to finish my race?
Was I crying cause I should have known better?
Was I crying case of the pain?

Probably all three!

Now I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be able to walk 2morrow and teach the Mojo Yoga training in Varberg!

Wish and beg you lucky star...

Love Jo

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


soffan said...

Neeej, fanken vilket jädra oflyt... Stackare! Jag håller tummar för extremsnabbt tillfrisknande.

mojo said...

Åh TACK för din omtanke Soffan!!!!

Kramar Jo