Kill me slowly

Sometimes I wonder if I´m sane.
Like this morning, I woke Robin up at 8am to be at the gym at 8.45 for a true "GRISpass"...
Thank you again, Björn, for bringing all your gear and pushing us through a fantastic, awfully WONDERFUL, bloody, damn HARD circuit session!

My body will certainly feel it for the next 48h and I´ll treasure every moment of it...so totally NOT sane...

JO showing the ropes

FULL focus

SuperSTRONG Stina (wo)man - handling a Bulgarian

SNYGGE-Marie and a sandbag

Björn snatching that Bulgarian

Christine - not only flexible, but also POWERFUL

(She´s so hot!)

For the last round I gave the heavy sandbag a try. And yes. It was heavy.

Thanks also to Tobbe & Meher for joining, and Martin B for the photos.

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