Sexy socks

Stödstrumpa is The new shit!!!

Thanks to Mo's P I can almost put pressure on my foot :)

But I am far from walking, not even thinking about running :(

Setbacks make u stronger right!

During lunch at the Linne casa I read the magnet on our fridge:

"Always make NEW mistakes"

Guesse I just read the part about always make mistakes... Him - lesson: never read sloppy, always read All the words!

Did you know that stödstrumpor comes in many colours and sizes, not just a regular 38!
I do no, or my Bo know now!

Sexy Friday y'all ;)

- Jo flowing om The IPhone :)


Emma R said...

Ah, YES, detta är några av mina favoriter: http://www.pahnemedic.com/products.php?iGroupId=46

Stödstrumpan är jordens skönaste plagg! ;)

KRYA PÅ DEJ Johanna!!!

mojo said...

Oh La la!
Wish I had hot ones like that!

Next time maybe - Great TIP!!!

Ha en supa helg - ses på måndag :)