Midnight BLUE

Is the colour of the STUDIO :)


After sweet flowin days with family in the south (both A's and mine) we had a slooooooow start in the STUDIO today.

How is it possible that sleeping can be soo nice:?

I DO believe that one can work say for 6months HARD as h.... and then sleep it all back during a month or so :)

It works for ME :)

What do you think about this colour?

I just drank 2 teaspoons of olive oil... YUK

Ask me why?

Sweet dreams Jo


soffan said...

Why!? :)

Anonymous said...


p3te* said...

Midnight blue sounds like a great choice, especially if combined with some creative lighting to really create a mood. Cant wait to see it!

So tell me about the olive oil? if you can find a really great one, it great to dip with some fresh french bread!

(Back from holiday and inspired)

Emma R said...

Hoppas jag får se allt det vackert midnattsblå med egna ögon någon gång snart! :)

Och ja,WHY??

mojo said...

Soffan, Pete, Emma :)

Olive oil - part of the CLEAN Detox that I am thinking of ...

Trying bits and pieces of it now, VERY interesting!

I might do a 21 day detox :)

Looking fw to seeing you in the BLÅBÄRS Rummet ;)