Back on Track

I love yoga.
I love motorcycles.
What could be better than this combination, that I found outside the gym tonight?

More content in this post after dinner, I´ll be back!

I cannot believe that autumn is here already!
Well, maybe not autumn as such, but since I´ve started working this week, it´s all the same.
Summer now feels like a distant dream and ahead of me lies an amazingly busy (but FUN!) action packed end of season.

For the next few months, amongst other things, I´ll be lecturing, educating, teaching, travelling, presenting at The Academy´s event, starting new MEGA-EXCITING projects with JO, taking on personal training clients, teaching at NIKE Denmark, doing a running workshop, going to Djerba, teaching kettlebell in Russia (Siberia to be exact), deadlifting 100kg (I did 90kg on Monday!!!), going to Romania, teaching at the Convention, spreading the word of MOJO and Hot MOJO Yoga and....phew! Sleeping?

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