Party people

MOJO introduces:

Fabulous Camilla Kostenniemi...

Incredible Maria Linghult...

Norrlands beauties, Maria Olofsson & Lina Andersson....

...and our sexy JOJO!


I was tired this morning.....

I forgot what hard work it is to be a party princess!

...and that the price you pay is:

- snoring uncontrollably for a few nights, making sure your partner has to sleep with earplugs inserted,

- feeling as if your body weighs 1.000 kg, because you bloat beyond belief,

- having your skin break into spots, where it´s greasy and yet, at the same time having patches of flaky dry skin in the rest of your face,


- not knowing when you will have your functional brain back in action again!....

MOJO Getting cosy around 2am

Party theme of the evening: colour! Jo and Mo, with Lina, Anna & Åsa

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