Croatia is beautiful...


...and I'm having a beautiful time...

The Russians are...well, Russians, but they are also getting kinder and better behaved for each year. At least the ones that attend the fitness camp.

When it comes to queing for food at breakfast and dinner time, it's the law of the jungle - toughest elbows gets to the food first! And this goes for children as well as people between 80 and death. Yesterday P got shoved out of the way so hard from the coffee machine by a grey/blue-haired lady, he almost fell on his butt... Febbe and I had tried to warn him beforehand, but it's something that needs to be experienced rather than told about. I guess that's what happens when you come from a country that has lived starvation closer than most in generations very close to today's.

Croatia seems to be a beautiful country and although I was warned concerning the lack of service-mindedness amongst the locals before I got here ( by a Balkan-friend of mine), I have to say that we have met nothing but kindness and fast service.

The water is crystal clear, the sun is hot and lots of barbecued meat has been had. Sounds familiar? Yes, it almost feels like deja-vu (don't kill me for the spelling, this keyboard is driving me nuts). Life in the last month is a beach!


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